Bipolar and Loratadine

Loratadine is an over the counter medication used to treat sinus problems. Is there a bipolar and loratadine connection?

For many patients that have been diagnosed with bipolar disease, finding out what caused the disease is a priority.  This disease is also referred to as Maniac Depression because of the way the symptoms appear.  Patients are not the only ones trying to discover what triggers this disease.  Scientists are also researching what causes the patient to experience the symptoms and how to control this disease.

Bipolar and Loratadine: What You Should Know

The symptoms of bipolar disease include the presence of extreme emotions.  This can include periods of high activity and then periods of extreme lows.  The high active periods involve the patient getting very little rest, being agitated and the patient may be in constant motion unable to calm down.

The low periods can involve times of severe depression or violent outbursts.  These extreme emotions can lead a patient to have a psychotic break with reality and be unable to function because of the disease.  The proper diagnoses needs to make in order to determine if a patient has bipolar disease or another form of mental illness.  A patient should have someone close to them document their day to day emotional responses in order to get a good idea about the regularity of changing emotions.

Once a diagnoses has been made, and medications have been prescribed many patients begin researching what could have caused this disease. Some patients will investigate if there is a connection between bipolar and loratadine. Scientists have also speculated that allergies may have something to do with bipolar disease.  Again, there is no conclusive proof that bipolar and loratadine are connected in any way.

Loratadine is an anti-histamine.  Scientists have wondered if this medication during a woman's pregnancy can cause the onset of bipolar disease.  There is no scientific evidence to point to a link to bipolar and loratadine.  Bipolar and loratiadine use don't seem connected at this point, when used by a woman who is pregnant.

Scientists do know that there seems to be a genetic link with this mental disorder.  There is also some evidence to support that there is a brain imbalance in people with this disorder.  This chemical imbalance is what causes the symptoms to appear.  There is also some thought that the bodies internal biological clock is somehow part of the problem.  

Thus far, there is no evidence to show that bipolar and loratadine are somehow related.

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