Bipolar Depression

Undiagnosed bipolar depression disorders have probably been with us since man has existed. It's only the relatively recent understanding of this disease that's helped to bring promise to many bipolar disorder sufferers.

There is no magic vitamin cure for bipolar depression. Bipolar depression is a serious illness that is treatable but not curable.  It is characterized by dramatic mood swings that can take you from the point of depression to a state of real excitement or agitation then back to depression once again over a period of days or weeks.  Obviously, you cannot diagnose yourself with this disorder and thus you will need the help of a good doctor or psychiatrist.

The Different Bipolar Depression Mood States

There are basically 3 different mood states that can occur with bipolar depression.  The first is depression, which is marked by a deep sadness that will not go away.  Secondly, there is the manic state in which you may get a good feeling that is similar to a "high."  In this state you may become extremely agitated, angry and possibly even violent.  

During this time you may become prone to taking unnecessary risks.  Oftentimes it begins with hypo mania, which is a lower degree of mania that can make you feel as though you have managed to get something done.  However, it can escalate into full blown mania.  Third, and finally, there is also a state in which you may have mixed moods wherein you go back and forth from depression to mania several times in 1 day and as such may affect your daily functioning.

Alternative Bipolar Depression Treatments

There are a variety of ways in which bipolar depression can be treated.  Most frequently anti-depressants are used to treat bipolar depression.  They work to increase the chemicals in your brain that are called Serotonin and Nor epinephrine.  However, there are also alternative treatments that can work well in treating bipolar depression.  Two of the most common alternative therapies for bipolar depression include TMS (Trans cranial Magnetic Stimulation) and herbal treatments.

TMS treatments are done by a doctor.  Regular pulses of electricity are pushed through a magnetic coil and then passed over your scalp so that the pulses can penetrate your brain to stimulate your nerve cells.  This is actually an experimental procedure but it is believed that this procedure will become very precise.

Herbal treatments are growing in popularity since people are turning to more natural approaches in order to avoid the side effects of medication.  With this method, specific herbs that are able to affect your mood are blended with other nutritive agents.  There are no fillers, additives or preservatives in these herbs.  However, you will need to speak with a naturopathic doctor in order to find the herbs that work the best for this disorder.

Bipolar depression is a serious life long illness that requires treatment with medications, psychotherapy and other medical procedures.  Together with your doctor, it is possible to find the right type of treatment for your specific needs.

Bipolar Paralegal
Many people with bipolar disease are looked down upon in the workplace. A bipolar paralegal is usually consulted when trying to decide if you have a viable legal case because of unfair employment discrimination.

Bipolar Regulation
Because bipolar disorder is nor curable, bipolar regulation of symptoms is necessary in order for the bipolar person to live a close to normal life. Fortunately, many therapies and medications are available to help the bipolar sufferer.

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