Bipolar Disease

As a parent, it can be heart wrenching to find out your child has bipolar disease. As an adult with bipolar disease, your life can be a living hell.

Bipolar disease or bipolar disorder is a condition wherein a person experiences extreme highs and lows of emotions. At one time doctors did not believe that a child could have bipolar disease. But bipolar disorder has been diagnosed in babies, children, and teens as well as adults. Medication is needed to properly treat this disorder and to manage it and live a normal life.

Although, there's no telling exactly when bipolar disease will reveal itself, it will usually surface anywhere from adolescence  or late teens all the way up to adulthood. Bipolar disease is not easy to diagnose, even by professionals and most people who have it, don't realize it. There are so many other diseases and symptoms that mimic bipolar disease that it is often misdiagnosed.

This is especially true with teenagers going through puberty where mood changes, even in those without bipolar diseases , are common. Hormones are running amuck through their bodies at this time in their life ramping their emotional sensitivities through the roof. A break up with a boyfriend or girl friend can cause an emotional meltdown. This is the reason why some teenagers, especially the ones with mild bipolar disorder can easily be misdiagnosed as temperamental teens. In these cases particularly, instead of punishing a child with bipolar, it's more critical than ever to treat it.

Causes of Bipolar Disease

Researchers at this point in time cannot say definitely what causes bipolar disease. They do know that it tends to run in families and that if a parent or great grand parent had bipolar disease, there is a greater chance than normal that one or more siblings will have it.

Researchers also suspect that bipolar disease is caused by a chemical imbalance in the portion of the brain that controls emotions. A chemical imbalance can be caused by heredity but it can also be caused by drugs and other substances in the mother's body that manage to reach the fetus at the critical point in the fetuses life when the brain is being formed.

Researches also do not know what factors trigger bipolar disease in an individual. Even among twins, if one twin gets bipolar disease, it doesn't necessarily mean that the other will. This is baffling to researchers who have studied the bipolar disease for some time and they don't yet have an explanation for it.

Research and studies have also shown that bipolar disease may worsen over time. Without the proper treatment, the people with bipolar disease will experience more and more manic or depressive episodes as they grow older. Treatment is almost always with drugs and some sort of medication that needs to be given regularly to manage and control the individuals brain and emotions.

Bipolar disease is quite common the United States of America and is often overlooked due to misunderstanding and misdiagnosis of the disorder. The symptoms of the bipolar disorder may also fit several other symptoms of other sickness and disorders. This is what makes it difficult because this disorder can not be diagnose using blood samples or taking DNA samples, instead, individuals need to be interviewed and have their behavior reviewed by specialist who can diagnose the bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Supplements
Bipolar supplements can be helpful to those suffering from bipolar disorder but they can also have unwanted side effects.

Bipolar Support Groups
Bipolar support groups are not only for those who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder (manic depression). These groups are also for the families and close friends of sufferers who are trying their best to get a handle on the situation.

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