Bipolar Disorder and Rage

Bipolar disorder and rage (sometimes referred to as Intermittent Explosive Disorder) are connected in insidious ways.  The reason that bipolar disorder can be a very dangerous disease is that the patient has no control over their emotions.  Violent rages can occur as well as an increase in suicides. When a patient is in the mania phase of the disease they may feel that they are being very productive, but in fact they are often not sleeping or eating and are causing more damage to themselves.

Bipolar disorder and rage in children

Bipolar disorder is difficult to diagnose in children because between the raging there can be long periods of relative normality and wellness.  These children also have a tendency to have problems with sleeping.  They are oftentimes really clingy with their parents but they may also have uncontrollable rages and tantrums, especially whenever they are told “no.”

Childhood bipolar disorder and rage can often be masked in children as a "normal" part of growing up and seen as nothing more than tantrums. Among the many symptoms of childhood bipolar disorder symptoms are destructive rages, extreme emotions, hyperactivity, sleeping too little, and sleeping too much.

In addition because bipolar disorder on the surface appears similar to ADHD, children are often diagnosed incorrectly and, in the worst cases, treated with the wrong drugs that can make their condition even worse.

Bipolar disorder and rage in adults

In adults, bipolar disorder and rage manifest themselves in the following typical ways:
Spousal abuse.
Seemingly unprovoked occasions of aggressiveness and impulsivity - vocal and/or physical.
Throwing phones or other objects against walls or at other people.
Breaking furniture or any other object not nailed down.

One of the worst feelings is the feeling of shame that many bipolar sufferers feel after being on the offensive end one of these "anger attacks." Not that it's any easier for the victim being on the receiving end of such an attack.

If you suspect that you or a loved one may have bipolar disorder. your first step is to make an appointment with a psychiatrist. A regular doctor or psychologist are not trained like a psychiatrist to recognize and treat the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

It's important the people suffering from bipolar disorder get diagnosed early, get treatment, learn to recognize oncoming anger attacks and learn to deal with them appropriately to help prevent further bipolar rage episodes.

If you suffer from bipolar disorder and rage symptoms are not given the right medication and copying mechanisms it can ruin your life. It can ruin your marriage, strain and break friendships, lead to job loss, and even lead to jail time. It can distance you from your children and, in general, make your life a living hell.

But - many bipolar disorder sufferers, if diagnosed correctly and given the proper psychiatric treatment can with the help of modern medications can learn self-control, learn how to cope and live an almost normal life.

Bipolar Paralegal
Many people with bipolar disease are looked down upon in the workplace. A bipolar paralegal is usually consulted when trying to decide if you have a viable legal case because of unfair employment discrimination.

Bipolar Regulation
Because bipolar disorder is nor curable, bipolar regulation of symptoms is necessary in order for the bipolar person to live a close to normal life. Fortunately, many therapies and medications are available to help the bipolar sufferer.

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