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The search for the perfect bipolar medicine has been going on for more than a decade now. We haven't found the perfect medicine yet, but the bipolar medicines that have been created work very well towards the goal of helping to ease the wrenching symptoms that do harm to both the sufferer of bipolar disease and their families and friends.

Bipolar disease is a disorder that occurs in both children and adults.  It is a chronic condition with no known cure.  There are several theories as to the cause of bipolar disease.  It is thought that a chemical imbalance in the brain is what causes the symptoms of bipolar, or there is some investigation into genetics and its role in the disease.  Whatever the cause, the disease has a disruptive impact on a persons life and ability to function. Bipolar medicine is one form of treating the disease.

The disease causes a person to experience extreme emotions of both a high and a low nature.  The highs are a maniac stage where patients can appear hyperactive and hyper productive.  The lows are filled with self-doubts, thoughts of suicide and inability to function. Bipolar medicine is a way to help control the disease, and allow patients to continue with their lives.

Here are some of the generic bipolar medicines that are currently used  to treat bipolar disease - carbamazepine, divalproex sodium, lithium carbonate, and lithium citrate.

Bipolar medicine is an important tool in the treatment of this disorder.  Bipolar medicine can help a patient be able to function and have a productive life.  Bipolar medicines can be used to both stabilize a patients moods when either in a maniac or depressed state, and help maintain a patients emotions for day to day life.

Drugs that are used in the treatment of bipolar disorder that help to stabilize a patients moods are the mainstay of the treatment plan for patients with bipolar.  These drugs include Lithium and Valporic acid.  

Lithium is one of the most common bipolar medicines used.  This is a drug that helps with depression as well as maintaining a balanced mood.  Valporic acid, and other anti-convulsion drugs have been found to be effective in controlling the rapid mood swings that come with bipolar disorder.

A bipolar medicine family that is needed for this disorder include anti-depressants.  During a depressed phase of the disease, many patients have the hardest time coping as thoughts of suicide are prevalent.  Anti-depressants are needed to assist the patient in dealing with this phase.  

Anti-psychotic medications are also part of the bipolar medicine regime.  This group of medications help a patient during some of the most intense times of this disease.  Some patients will lose touch with reality during either phase of the disorder and need to take anti-psychotic medication.

Having bipolar disorder is difficult and life altering.  The disease is treatable with bipolar medicine and psychotherapy is also recommended to help learn how to cope with triggers for the disease and everyday stress.  Patients with bipolar disease lead active, productive lives and are often very creative.  The disease can be controlled, and needs to be assessed on a day to day basis to stay on top of the symptoms.

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