Bipolar Paralegal

Many people with bipolar disease are looked down upon in the workplace. A bipolar paralegal is usually consulted when trying to decide if you have a viable legal case because of unfair employment discrimination.

A bipolar paralegal is trained in law the same as a lawyer, but will be much less expensive. Also, in many cases, a lawyer may consider your case so small that it's not worth his time to deal with you. In this case you may have no other viable choice than to find a bipolar paralegal to assist you.

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you have a bipolar disorder, you are not legally required to mention it in the interview process. In other words, you can't legally be discriminated against in the workplace.

Most of us have no idea of what a bipolar disorder person goes through every day of their lives. The mood swings and outbursts which are a part of the illness can be very hard to deal with in public, and people who suffer from the disorder often find it hard to hold down jobs, particularly if their illness is in the early stages of diagnosis and treatment.

Nevertheless, many people with this illness are terrified of mentioning the disease to their bosses. They fear that they'll be passed over for promotions and possibly even demoted or fired. And statistics bear out the fact that many of these people are discriminated at their place of work. If you feel that you have suffered discrimination or been treated unfairly in the work place, then you should find a bipolar paralegal to determine your options.

How to Find a Good Bipolar Paralegal

Because the specific laws are unique to each state, you have to find a bipolar paralegal who practices in the state in which you live. Also, you don't want just any paralegal. Paralegals specialize in various areas, and if at all possible, you want a paralegal who has has experience in bipolar discrimination cases. A specialist will be able to represent you much better.

The best way to find a good bipolar paralegal is by networking with other people suffering from the illness. It's very likely that some of them have faced the same or similar issues as you and may already have the contacts you need. A good network group can also offer you much needed support in your down periods.

A second excellent way of finding a good bipolar paralegal is to ask a lawyer. Many times, if you have a relationship with a lawyer, he can either recommend a good paralegal or point you to the right resources in your area that can help you to find one.

If you have bipolar disease, you are already suffering. You don't have to suffer from discrimination as well. You are legally protected, so take advantage of your rights.

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