Bipolar Regulation

Because bipolar disorder is nor curable, bipolar regulation of symptoms is necessary in order for the bipolar person to live a close to normal life. Fortunately, many therapies and medications are available to help the bipolar sufferer.

Over two million Americans have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and experts believe that there are many more undiagnosed sufferers. Bipolar regulation of symptoms can give those suffering bipolar depression, new hope.

Bipolar Regulation - Treating the Symptoms

The term bipolar regulation basically refers to the proper and continuous treatment of the disorder. This is because bipolar regulation is required in order to keep the patient's mood and temperament in check.

The most common method of regulating bipolar disorder is through the use of mood stabilizers. Mood stabilizers are used to regulate the chemical imbalance in the brain to help control the mood swings. They help to prevent manic and depressive episodes and to lessen the ones that do occur.

Lithium is one of the most commonly prescribed medications. It was the first mood stabilizing medication that was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. It is typically very effective in treating mania and depression, and as well in preventing any recurrences in the future. Other common mood stabilizers are citalopram, sodium valproate, and Depakote. And new ones are being developed all the time by pharmaceutical companies.

It is also common to use therapy in conjunction with mood stabilizers to help regulate bipolar symptoms. Prescription drugs help to relate the chemical side of the brain while therapy helps the regulation of the feelings of guilt that bipolar patients usually go through. It can also often be helpful for family members and close friends to attend therapy sessions also to help them to understand what the sufferer is going through and to help them to understand the effects of the illness.

There are some lifestyle factors that may interfere with bipolar regulation. An unpredictable or inconsistent sleeping pattern may cause the bipolar symptoms to be aggravated. Self medication can also interfered with the effects of doctor prescribed bipolar medication which is why it's critical that, if you suffer from bipolar disorder, you let your doctor know what other drugs you are taking. Even such innocuous foods such as a cola with caffeine can cause problems and prevent the prescribed drugs from properly regulating bipolar symptoms.

In rare cases - drugs and therapy may not be enough to regulate the bipolar symptoms and a treatment such as electroconvulsive therapy might be suggested.  Although successful in some cases, there has not been enough peer review studies of this method so far to judge its overall effectiveness.

Bipolar disorder is not an illness to take casually. If not regulated, it can potentially lead to suicidal thoughts and actions. Proper bipolar regulation is the safest way to ensure that the patient does not experience these sorts of thoughts.

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