Bipolar Supplements

Bipolar supplements can be helpful to those suffering from bipolar disorder but they can also have unwanted side effects.

Anything that can help ease the trauma and drama of bipolar patients is welcome news.  The latest is natural bipolar supplements made from amino acids, in particular Tyrosine and Taurine.  However, there is still no magic cure for bipolar disorder or any kind of depression.  You still need to take your medications and follow your doctor's and therapist's instructions.  But bipolar supplements can be a useful tool in helping your body smooth out some of bipolar's rougher edges.

Bipolar supplements are sold in health food stores and online shops.  Before you take any bipolar supplements, you should talk to your doctor.  Even if the supplement is so new that he is unable to give you a definitive answer on it, he will be able to research it for you.

Bipolar Natural Treatments

It's important to recognize that even though bipolar supplements may be touted as “all natural”, they are still medicines.  They can have side effects and can react badly with some medications.  You want to talk to your doctor to be sure the bipolar supplements will not clash with any of your vital medications.  If your doctor agrees you should try bipolar supplements, follow the instructions on the bottle carefully.  Most need to be taken twice daily on an empty stomach, but your instructions may differ.

The major parts of bipolar supplements are amino acids, which is a fancy name for any compound containing a member of the amino group and a member of the carboxyl group.  So there are many combinations possible and therefore many kinds of amino acids.  If you don't have amino acids, you don't have protein.  Amino acids are often called “the building blocks of all life.”  Two supplements that seem to have the most promise are Tyrosine and Taurine.  

Tyrosine helps to maintain and make new neurotransmitters in your brain.  An impulse shoots out from one chemical like different keys all looking for their corresponding locks in the neurotransmitter.  This “circuit” sends messages to the brain that tells the body what to do.  Tyrosine is thought to help you concentrate, retain memories and stay alert.  It is thought to help all kinds of depression, not just bipolar disorders.

Taurine acts on the brain as a mild sedative.  Sedatives are good to help calm racing thoughts and not make major life decisions on impulse.  Taurine in bipolar supplements is thought to help calm down the brain's activity to that of a normal, healthy brain.  Follow the instructions closely.  It's important to note that overdosing on Taurine can lead to memory loss.

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