Controlling Your Bipolar

Having trouble controlling your bipolar? New techniques and medicines are constantly appearing on the scene, but the simplest solution might be to get yourself a dog.

Unusual Approach Towards Controlling Your Bipolar Personality Rage

Having a bipolar disorder is living in a constant Catch-22 situation.  You need to get immediate treatment when a manic or hypomanic episode hits, yet the symptoms are next to impossible for you to detect.  You think you are behaving normally.  And sooner or later, you wind up in the hospital for reasons you either remember or don't.  Controlling your bipolar disorder is much easier when you can recognize your symptoms.  Consider getting a service dog to help with controlling your bipolar disorder.

Dogs are well known for being able to be a human being's other half.  Guide dogs for the blind have been around since World War II.  Dogs are trained to help the deaf, paraplegics and all sorts of other disabled people.  Dogs are social animals, and have been known to take care of disabled canine friends.  Even wolves have been reported doing this.  So a dog is a logical and uncomplaining companion that helps you with controlling your bipolar disorder.

Pets can greatly help us get out from the maelstrom of our own troubles, even if only for the time it takes to walk and cuddle with them.  They have been shown in stuffy after study to boost morale and confidence in patience with all sorts of physical and mental problems.  Service dogs trained in controlling your bipolar disorder have been trained to recognize symptoms like a panic attack.  They will not leave you alone and not let you harm yourself.

Service dogs have also been trained to push a speed dial button on a phone to call 911 (in England, 999) in emergencies, such as seizures or when a patient cannot be wakened (say, from an overdose of antidepressants).  But the main benefit of any dog – whether specially trained for controlling your bipolar symptoms or not – is that they are there for you.  They let you complain as much as you want and still wag their tails when they see you.  This loyalty in you can oftentimes inspire you to treat yourself better.

Service dogs are expensive.  But they are much cheaper than a car, a pool or a new designer wardrobe, which you may be tempted to buy on impulse during your manic phases.  You can contact the Psychiatric Service Dog Society in Arlington, Virginia by either visiting their website or calling (517)216-1589.  Service dogs come in all shapes and sizes, from Yorkshire Terriers to massive Bloodhounds.  

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