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The numbers of people who experience mild depression in a typical year is unknown. But it is guessed that 20 plus million people will experience depression - mild to severe - on some level.

Bipolar disease is a stress related illness. In other words, as your level of stress increases, the bipolar symptoms become worse. That's why it is especially important for bipolar sufferers to eliminate as much stress from their lives as possible.

What Is Mild Depression?

We all feel a little depressed every not and then, depending on our health and our circumstances in life. But, normally, those feelings go away after a short while. If the feelings last longer than a few days, you may be experiencing mild depression.

The symptoms of someone with mild depression may be so minimal that no one even notices it. As a result, many people with mild depression can go for years without being diagnosed as depressed. And, some, never are.

Typical Symptoms of Mild Depression

Of course, signs of mild depression vary among individuals. But, one typical symptom of mild depression is lethargy, or a lack of energy. You may feel listless and seeming lack the energy to perform even simple tasks. For example, you may let your dishes pile up in the sink unwashed, day after day. Or, you let the grass in your front lawn grow for weeks without mowing. Or maybe you just spend your days laying on the couch, watching TV, with barely enough energy to pick up a snack once in a while.

Another symptom of mild depression is that your thoughts about yourself, your family, and friends become more negative and cynical. For example, a person with a normally positive attitude may find herself snapping at friends for insignificant oversights or perceived slights.

Natural Treatments For Mild Depression

Although, there is no one method as to how to treat mild depression, most people opt for over the counter drugs and prescribed medications. For those looking for more natural means of mild depression treatment, however, here are some of the more effective methods.

Exercise - One of the best treatments for mild depression is exercise. In addition to being good for your mental state, it's good for your body as well. Even simple exercises such as walking on a treadmill, will have endorphins flooding into your brain and make you feel better. And, if you walk outside, even better. You may find yourself becoming more interactive with your neighbors - something that can also help to lift your spirits.

Eat Healthy - Food has been proven to have an effect on our moods. And, today, there are so many additives and synthetics being added to the foods we eat, that our body is being exposed to more unhealthy chemicals than ever before. This is especially true for most of the junk foods that we eat. By changing your eating habits, and cutting down the amounts of fast foods and junk foods that you eat, your body can work on purging bad chemicals from your body. After a few weeks on a healthy diet, you may be amazed at your change of attitude.

Make new friends - man is a social animal. Unfortunately, over the years, the tendency has been to move away from the places we grew up, and away from friends and families. Millions of people in this country are living alone in apartment buildings and know next to nothing about their next door neighbors. Just the simple fact of getting out more and meeting people can help alleviate the mild depression that may be enveloping your days.

See your old friends more often - If you have long time friends who you haven't seen in a while, you need to ask yourself why not. At one time, your family was your support system. Today, however, many people are discovering that friends they have made over the years are their true support system. And, many times, re-igniting an old friendship will do wonders for your attitude and energy levels. If you live close to each other, make it a point to not go for long periods without meeting each other for a dinner, a play, or any other excuse to simply get together.

Get sleep - An inordinate amount of mental and physical problems that we have can be traced directly or indirectly back to lack of sleep. If we go for long periods of time without enough sleep, we find ourselves becoming irritable, restless, listless, and so on. Sometimes the lack of sleep is due to work. Other times it is due to insomnia which may be caused by some other underlying health problem. If you consistent trouble sleeping, you should consult your doctor or a sleep specialist. Once you resolve your sleep issues, you may resolve your mild depression issues as well.

If your mild depression signs persist, it is imperative that you seek the help of a medical professional for treatment for depression. If left untreated, chronic mild depression can morph into more serious levels of depression and lead to an overall decline in health.

Recognizing the Symptoms of Manic Depression
In years past, medical professionals not well versed in recognizing the symptoms of manic depression, often mis-diagnosed patients leading to either useless or harmful forms of treatments.

Natural Antidepressants
As the cost of prescribed medications continue to rise, many people are looking towards natural antidepressants to treat their anxiety and depression.

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