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Bipolar 1 Disorder
Bipolar 1 disorder is characterized by massive mood swings and can affect the very young and the very old. Unfortunately it is often misdiagnosed.

Bipolar and Loratadine
Loratadine is an over the counter medication used to treat sinus problems. Is there a bipolar and loratadine connection?

Bipolar and Zoloft
The wrong types of medication for bipolar sufferers can be dangerous. Is Bipolar and Zoloft what we would call a disease/medicine match?

Bipolar Depression
Undiagnosed bipolar depression disorders have probably been with us since man has existed. It's only the relatively recent understanding of this disease that's helped to bring promise to many bipolar disorder sufferers.

Bipolar Disease
As a parent, it can be heart wrenching to find out your child has bipolar disease. As an adult with bipolar disease, your life can be a living hell.

Bipolar Disorder In Children
The incidences of bipolar disorder in children, also known as manic-depression, is a serious illness that unfortunately is impacting more families every day.

Bipolar Disorder Test
A bipolar disorder test is a test administered to those presumed to be suffering from depression to determine if they, in fact, have the disorder.

Bipolar Medicine
The search for the perfect bipolar medicine has been going on for more than a decade now. We haven't found the perfect medicine yet.

Bipolar Online Counseling
Bipolar online counseling is not a replacement for a physicians care. However, it can be a great help to those suffering from bipolar disorder. Especially to those with limited income or limited access to medical care.

Bipolar Paralegal
Many people with bipolar disease are looked down upon in the workplace. A bipolar paralegal is usually consulted when trying to decide if you have a viable legal case because of unfair employment discrimination.

Bipolar Regulation
Because bipolar disorder is nor curable, bipolar regulation of symptoms is necessary in order for the bipolar person to live a close to normal life. Fortunately, many therapies and medications are available to help the bipolar sufferer.

Bipolar Supplements
Bipolar supplements can be helpful to those suffering from bipolar disorder but they can also have unwanted side effects.

Bipolar Support Groups
Bipolar support groups are not only for those who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder (manic depression). These groups are also for the families and close friends of sufferers who are trying their best to get a handle on the situation.

Bipolar Test
Bipolar disorder cannot simply be diagnosed by taking a bipolar test. Even so, taking a bipolar test can let you know in a general way how compare to others that have bipolar disorder.

Controlling Your Bipolar
Having trouble controlling your bipolar? New techniques and medicines are constantly appearing on the scene, but the simplest solution might be to get yourself a dog.

Use Of Hypnotherapy In Bipolar Disorder
The use of hypnotherapy In bipolar disorder patients is tempting for some because it's much lower in cost than some of the alternatives and it has no side effects. But is hypnotherapy an effective treatment for bipolar disorder?

What is Bipolar, and How Well do we Understand it?
What is bipolar? Bipolar disorder is not easily recognized. It often mimics other problems and as such is hard even for physicians to recognize.

Bipolar Disorder and Rage
If you suffer from bipolar disorder and rage symptoms are not given the right medication and copying mechanisms it can ruin your life.

Citalopram Bipolar
Is the Citalopram bipolar connection real? Most people with bipolar disorder can achieve substantial control of their mood swings and related symptoms with proper psychiatric and drug treatment.

Citalopram and Bipolar Depression
Studies have begun to show promising positive developments between the drug Citalopram and bipolar depression. But along with the positive developments there are some potentially negative ones that anyone taking Citalopram should be aware of.

Study Proves Patients Can Control Their Mania.
Researchers at the Mental Health Research Institute of Victoria claim they have developed a treatment for bipolar patients that can cut in half the number of manic episodes experienced by a bipolar sufferer.

Is Bipolar Hereditary?
For years, researchers have asked the question, "is bipolar hereditary"? And, though they have always suspected that it was, now they have proof.

Depression Statistics
According to recent depression statistics, more than twenty million people in this country currently suffer from depression or some form of mood disorder.

4 Ways To Overcome Depression
Many people, in a misguided attempt to overcome depression, take to alcohol, drugs, or other self destructive behavior. But there are much better methods of -i(overcoming depression) than the path that many choose.

Recognizing the Symptoms of Manic Depression
In years past, medical professionals not well versed in recognizing the symptoms of manic depression, often mis-diagnosed patients leading to either useless or harmful forms of treatments.

Mild Depression Symptoms | Natural Remedies For Mild Depression
The numbers of people who experience mild depression in a typical year is unknown. But it is guessed that 20 plus million people will experience depression - mild to severe - on some level.

Natural Antidepressants
As the cost of prescribed medications continue to rise, many people are looking towards natural antidepressants to treat their anxiety and depression.

Adolescent Bipolar Disorder
Adolescent bipolar disorder is difficult to diagnose. Are the wildly fluctuating mood changes due simply to unusual hormonal changes or are they truly symptoms of bipolar disorder?

Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar disorder typically develops in late adolescence or early adulthood. Bipolar disorder is a serious long-term illness that must be carefully managed throughout one's life.

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