Recognizing the Symptoms of Manic Depression

In years past, medical professionals not well versed in recognizing the symptoms of manic depression, often mis-diagnosed patients leading to either useless or harmful forms of treatments.

In recent years, however, doctors have come to understand the symptoms of manic depression and, as a result, millions of patients every year are getting the care that they need.

It's not unusual for any of us to have mood swings when going through the highs and lows of our daily life. In fact, in any given day, some events will make us happy and others will make us sad.

The basic symptoms of manic depression include an extreme change in mood, energy levels, and behavior. And someone with manic depression will experience these feelings in a hyper-sensitive and magnified way. In fact, the term manic depression derives from one of the main symptoms of this disorder which is having your emotions continually careening from periods of mania to depression and back to mania again.

Symptoms of Manic Depression In Children

Historically, recognizing the symptoms of manic depression in children was even more difficult because of their inherent mercurial nature. Because of this, children in the past were rarely diagnosed with the disorder as doctors believed that these changes in their mood, energy levels, and behavior were nothing to be concerned about.

Today, however, doctors know that when they see extreme mood changes, extreme changes in a child's level of energy, and extreme behavior changes - that manic depression should be considered as a possible cause for the changes. The ability to recognize these symptoms then allows the doctor to schedule tests that can either confirm or reject the suspicion.

Symptoms of Manic Depression In Adults

In adults, typical manic depression symptoms are readily apparent to the neutral observer. For example, a person may be extremely active, lively, and the life of the party one moment. And then, in a span of 15 minutes or so, they may be sobbing as a result of a negative comment directed at them from a friend. And then, a half hour later, they're laughing and having fun playing with their kids. In other words, their behavior is erratic, they are experiencing clear ups and downs in their moods.

Now, this cycle happening once or twice is nothing to be concerned about. But a continuous cycle of these types of mood swings is one of the clearest symptoms of manic depression you could have. It's important to note, however,  that these symptoms do not mean that the person actually is suffering from manic depression - as only the proper tests can confirm that. But these signs do mean that a person's behavior is consistent with the normal symptoms of manic depression and that he should see a health professional to truly determine if a medical problem exists.

Help Is Available

The above are some of the common symptoms of manic depression, but in truth, the symptoms vary from person to person, depending on how severe the condition is in each patient. The first step in treating this disorder is, of course, to have it diagnosed correctly. Once diagnosed, the doctor can then prescribe the necessary medications to help reduce the symptoms and to allow the person to live a normal life.

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