Use Of Hypnotherapy In Bipolar Disorder

The use of hypnotherapy In bipolar disorder patients is tempting for some because it's much lower in cost than some of the alternatives and it has no side effects. But is hypnotherapy an effective treatment for bipolar disorder?

There currently are no scientific studies or trials that indicate the use of hypnotherapy in bipolar disorder patients is effective. There is no scientific proof that it has an effect on bipolar flareups. However, neither is there proof that hypnosis doesn't work.

The mind is a powerful force and we understand relatively little about it. Changes in the mind can have miraculous and sometimes unexplained effects on the body. In hundreds of studies and medical trials, participants that were given a placebo experienced identical effects on their body as those given the real medication. The placebo effect is explained by the mind believing that it has been given a drug and therefore causing changes in the body to match what it believes has happened. The power of belief works in much the same way.

Hypnosis is a treatment built upon suggestion. Many people when placed under hypnosis will do things that they would never consider in their normal state. Many people when placed under hypnosis can cause measurable physical changes to their body. They can lower their blood pressure, increase their heart rate, and so on - very similar to the placebo effect.

One of the biggest problems that people with bipolar disorder have is controlling their emotional mood swings. When under hypnosis, the mind is focused, emotions are under control. Bipolar disorder is a condition of the mind. Hypnotherapy works on the mind. It works by focusing the mind like a laser. It's entirely possible to believe that hypnotherapy can affect bipolar disorder symptoms the same way it can affect other physical and emotional states.

Does Hypnotherapy in Bipolar Disorder Patients Work? - Test it out

For those who are unsure, but think you might want to give hypnotherapy for their bipolar disorder a try, you can purchase and download a hypnosis tape that promises to give you control over your condition. You can download it at hypnosis treatment for bipolar disorder. They suggest that you should see results within three weeks. If not, your money is refundable.

The biggest potential benefit to bipolar disorder patients at least giving hypnotherapy a try is that it will not harm the body. Bipolar disorder medications can be very effective and many times are necessary, but there is no doubt that they can potentially produce many undesired side effects. Why not first try a treatment that has no side effects - to see if it works. If it doesn't, no harm either way.

Bipolar disorder can be destructive to relationships, job, family, and life. It is a potentially dangerous form of depression that will not get better on its own.  Anyone suffering from bipolar disorder needs to seek treatment immediately.

There is no cure for bipolar disorder, only treatments. And hypnotherapy could well be a treatment that works for you.

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