What is Bipolar?

Bipolar disorder is not easily recognized. It often mimics other problems and as such is hard even for physicians to recognize.

The question "What is bipolar?" would probably stump most people.  When you break the word bipolar down into its two basic parts, it becomes clearer.  "Bi" means two, and polar means opposite - as in the saying "they are polar opposites of each other." So the question "What is bipolar?" can be answered very basically by saying that a person who is bipolar experiences two opposite states of mind.

Let's look at this in more detail.  The two opposing states of mind are as opposite as you can get.  The first presents itself in occasions of mania.  The person may be on a high, to a far higher degree than most of us would experience.  The second presents itself as depression, the symptoms of which are better known to the majority of us.

What is Bipolar, and Can You Live With It?

People who have bipolar disorder have an affliction that will be with them for the rest of their lives.  It cannot currently be cured, but it can certainly be well managed and many sufferers lead relatively normal lives.  The key is to find the right combination of medication in each case, and to make adjustments to everyday life that will enable the sufferer to better cope with life in general.

What is Bipolar, and are There Varying Degrees of Severity?

Unfortunately the answer is yes.  Just as some people are able to control their bipolar symptoms relatively well for most of the time, others will find each and every day hard going.

The mood swings can be so severe that there is no such thing as a normal day for a bipolar sufferer.  Some medications can cause side effects in some patients, and this can make their day to day life harder to get through.

What is Bipolar, and is it Hard for Relatives to Live With as Well?

Just as bipolar disorder affects the sufferer, it profoundly affects the other close relationships in their life as well.  Learning to understand and live with the condition is arguably just as important for them.

The real aim of any treatment of bipolar disorders is in essence to bring the two extremes of behaviour closer together, so each one is much less extreme and more within the so called normal boundaries that most of us are used to.  It's not always possible to do this, but understanding this fact will make the condition easier to deal with.

Bipolar Medicine
The search for the perfect bipolar medicine has been going on for more than a decade now. We haven't found the perfect medicine yet.

Bipolar Online Counseling
Bipolar online counseling is not a replacement for a physicians care. However, it can be a great help to those suffering from bipolar disorder. Especially to those with limited income or limited access to medical care.

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